I sometimes pass the time reading about the experiences of

others who have MS. That of course leads to the inevitable

discovery of how many famous people suffer from MS.

You might be surprised to learn of some of the names I’m

about to list, I know I was.  However many of the faces of

MS were already familiar to me.

 Some are very public in their fight and serve as spokespersons

for the National MS  Society.  They strive to give a voice

to a disease which often presents with invisible symptoms.

Their hard work to promote MS awarness is much appre-

ciated by the MS community and its supporters.


Richard Cohen – Journalist and husband of Meredith


Teri Garr – Actress

David Landers – Best known for character “Squiggy” on hit

show Laverne & Shirley

Clay Walker –  Country Music Singer

Others who may not necessary serve as offical spokes

persons for the MS Society, but who gave/give MS a voice

by talking publicly about their battle, includes

Richard Pryor

Annette Funicello

Alan Osmond

Montel Williams

Rounding out the list of MSers that may surprise you


Stan Belinda – Baseball Player

Brenda Gildenhaus – Champion BMXer

Jimmy Heuga – Olympic Skier

Lena Horne – Actress and Singer (See obituary by clicking on link)

David Humm – Oakland Raider Quarterback

Adam Riedy – US Speed Skatter

Barbara Jordan – Political Activist

This of course is not an all-inclusive list. Just a representa-

tion of the large MS community.  Unfortunately the list

of famous MSers will continue to grow, just as the list of

us plain folk with MS continues to grow.

The good that comes from knowing about others who suffer

the same malady is the comfort it presents and the help it provides

 for all who need encouragement and different ideas to cope with the

everyday struggle MS becomes.



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